Krista Katainen-Midwife- Midwifedoula-Lactation Counselor-Mother of four

Three Hearts Midwife… Three things that are very close to my heart-Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby time

At my midwifery and doula practice you will receive professional care with a lot of empathy. You may get guidance or a co-traveller during pregnancy, birth and post natal period, including breastfeeding.

My goal is to help You and Your family to find your own resources and the joy of giving birth and in the best case you can get a birthing experience witch can empower the whole life!

A little bit about me

My name is Krista Katainen. I am a Midwife, Lactation Counselor, Nurse, Doula and a Mother of four wonderful children! I have been working in delivery room, postnatal care and newborn care. I live in Porvoo, and I have my practice there but i do home visits in areas like Porvoo, Loviisa, Sipoo + other places in the southern Finland.

Please take contact and ask for some more information! Tel. 040 960 3638/

”There are several reasons why I would recommend Krista for future parents. First of all, she takes the time: the time to meet you during the last weeks, the time to know you, understand what you might need, and explain also what will/might happen: she is a doula and also a midwife. Second, you have no idea how important it is to have someone with her expertise until you are there. The comfort, advice, even the company. And it’s great to have someone to call even before going to the hospital. Finally, and most important, Krista has many suggestions and solutions to try to make the mum as comfortable as possible, to take care of her: the hospital staff has limited time, Krista is there from beginning until the end.

And as a bonus, in my personal case, to have someone who could speak Swedish or Finnish ”on my behalf” during some of the most stressful moments was just great. I strongly recommend to any parents-to-be to, at least, have one meeting with her and learn what she can do for you during such an important time.”




Reflexology Babymassage- workshop 2018 (Eeva Toivonen)

Birth labyrinth- workshop 2018 (Alessandra Sarelin ja Anu Lampinen)

Spinning Babies- workshop advanced 2018 (Jennifer Walker)

Midwifery Today Conference 2017, Helsinki, (Trust, Intimacy and Love – The Chemistry of Connection)

Waterbirth 2017 (Johanna Honkanen)

Rebozocourse 2017 (Mirjam de Keijzerin ja Thea van Tuyli)

Spinning Babies- workshop 2017 (Jennifer Walker)

Doula education 2016 (Doulakka)

Mother of four children

Midwife 2011

Nurse 2011

World Health Organization Lactation Counselor 2010